Danger: Poor Patient & B2B Marketing Will Kill!

If your business-to-business and patient marketing message isn’t progressing to accommodate your their journey, you’re throwing your money away!


By all standards, strong and compelling  business-to-business and patient marketing will make or break your practice’s relationships more than most company owners realize!

Recently Kimberlee Morrison of Adweek wrote an enlightening review on the essential subject of rethinking the patient’s experience in order to enhance the patient/service provider relationship and subsequently grow and deepen one’s busines-to-business relationships and campaigns.

The influence of social media continues to drive big changes in the customer journey and marketing funnel. Some of the main changes such as the use of multiple devices by customers and the desire for always on customer service have created challenges for marketers.

A report from LinkedIn, titled “Rethink the B2B Buyer’s Journey”, written by Sean Callahan, examines similar changes in the B2B (business-to-business) market and provides suggestions to improve your business.

The report focuses on the changes in relationships between buyers, salespeople, and marketers. The survey included more than 6,000 participants globally, and gives insight into the buying process, and changes that need to happen in both social and marketing content.

Since vendors have focused more on customer service in recent years, buyers have rewarded this presence with increased faith. LinkedIn found that 28 Changing your B2B marketing messagepercent of buyers polled rate their relationships with vendors as very good, and 56 percent rate them as good. What’s more, when assessed over time, only three percent of respondents believe their relationships with vendors are in decline.

The research found that buyers need a variety of content to help them make their purchase decision. On one hand, they need basic product information and demos to understand the product, but they also require thought leadership and other helpful content to help buyers determine where the industry is headed. The implication for marketers is that they must have their message present throughout the full funnel, from awareness and thought leadership content in the upper funnel to data sheets and demos in the lower funnel. This is how to assemble a complete marketing program.

Marketing and sales should align on a broader definition of nurturing – beyond classic relationship building.

Nurturing, which used to be the sole domain of the sales team, is increasingly the responsibility of marketing as the buyer’s journey has moved online. Effective marketers are moving their nurturing efforts beyond email nurturing to display and social advertising and other forms of multi-channel nurturing. With marketing more involved in the nurturing phase of the buyer’s journey, alignment between marketing and sales is more important than ever.

The research shows that the higher level of sophistication that salespeople have in multi-channel nurturing indicates greater alignment between the two teams. Specifically, 71 percent of salespeople who used multi-channel nurturing said their relationship with marketing was growing stronger, but only 47 percent of salespeople who didn’t use multi-channel nurturing said their relationship with marketing was growing stronger.

At the end of the day, the content you deliver, the authenticity of your message, and the manner in which you communicate dramatically affects your bottom line!  There is no way you can legally steal your biggest competitor’s prospects and clients if your message isn’t strong!

This piece is excellent, to read in its entirety, simply click here; but, there is a lot to know.  In fact, we assist many our clients, business professionals like you, with these very issues.  If you like our help, let us know.



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