5 Secrets for Building Deep Patient Pools

If your desire is to create successful and predictable marketing campaigns; you’ve come to the right place!


What you share with your patients determines your desired outcome — developing deep pools and long-term relationships is directly tied to successful and predictable marketing efforts!

The sole purpose of advertising is to say to the world “Hey, I’m here and ready to serve your needs!”  Also, the only point of sending periodic notes to your patients is to give them information they want!  Successful and predictable marketing shouldn’t be some random thing that is merely thrown together.  You want to provide information that compels.

*Note, these correspondences include your e-mails, newsletters, special reports, etc.

Why? Because reliable and authoritative content builds loyalty within your patient base.  The more fidelity you build, the more consistent business you can count on, and the greater the referral possibilities.  By providing valuable tips, in easy to understand portions, on the topics your patients need, you create that allegiance.

You will be building upon your reputation as the authority in a particular ailment within your field.

Again, why is any of this so important?  There is an excellent article in HelpScout.com, titled the “The art of customer loyalty,” explains this principle succinctly:  In a world where your competitors are only a click away, customer loyalty really is the new marketing. Today’s customers have access to an endless amount of information about your business, and research shows that they’re ready and willing to stop dating around and stick with companies who go above and beyond to create a fantastic customer experience.

Therefore, if your intention, when sending out your communication pieces,  is to touch, educate, compel and build deep bonds with patients, then you have to make sure each piece is read.  Successful and predictable marketing

As you read on you will learn strategies  to achieve that very topic.

As such, the cornerstone of your practice’s prosperity is a proper communication strategy which yields both successful and predictable marketing campaigns.

What if every time you send an email to your patient, that email was received by that recipient with excitement?  An essential aspect of successful and predictable marketing includes superior branding.

Brand (ing): The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product (your service) from other products. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.

A properly developed brand identifies you as the absolute “go-to” doctor in the area.  For example, if you’re a Chiropractor (incidentally, this also works phenomenally well for every other type medical practice) , and your specialty is in general health, family oriented type practice.  Providing regular correspondence dealing the theme of “Chiropractic First,” featuring the benefits of targeted chiropractic care before considering drugs or surgery creates the perfect touch point.   The more you do it, the more you begin building your authority; and, this should be your brand.

Every time you send out your marketing pieces, such as in an email (for example), write targeted, specific, audience compelling, authoritative content with purpose!

As stated above, you want your message to get opened, read, and to build long-lasting business relationships!  Additionally, your message must also draw new patients; all of which result in more profits to enhance your bottom line!

Further, to be successful, you need to create a robust, comprehensive system.  However, not every practice is set up to achieve this type of system.  In which case, you need a strong set of tools crafted by uniquely qualified, experienced and talented professionals.  What you don’t need is a “pre-packaged,” “cookie-cutter,” “miracle-in-a-box” marketing solution from the corner store.  You need a personalized system!

Resident expert status nearly guarantees successful and predictable marketing outcomes.

In the last few years, many Doctors have told us how frustrated they are.  For many of them making a living is becoming more and more of a challenge.  We have found that most doctors only want to provide superior care and desire to generate increased revenues.  However, several doctors have told us that the economy isn’t helping, insurance continues to irritate, government over-reach continues to exasperate, etc.

Sadly we can’t eliminate the government interference or the economy.  We can, nevertheless, show doctors how to improve and build up their practices and strengthen their status.  And in the process, to become the trusted, “go-to” healer because of their genuine concern for their patients.

In fact, in this month’s Chiropractic Economics, they address one of these key elements in improving practice.  The article is titled Quality Assurance – Identify buying signals and cycles to ensure a strong base (page 41).

Note, even though this specific piece was written for the Chiropractic industry, the principles are sound and field-tested over multiple decades. They will work with any medical practice!

The points covered in this article runs parallel with the concept of patient retention and adequately providing additional services.  Interestingly, the most successful doctors know that their practice growth and success are directly tied to understanding their patients — specifically their unique life situations that would constitute further medical comfort.

None of this is geared to be exploitative; but rather, to be there with a healing hand when needs arise.  In the end, patient knowledge provides a terrific “win-win” platform!  So for goodness sake, offer your patients superior information!

All of your correspondences should open up conversations with your patients.  Your message should never be a random guessing game blindly looking for the target.  Think about this, if your emails are weak, chances are the rest of your marketing is no better!

We are all judged by our performance and our appearance.  However unfair, if your presentation is lacking, you may not get a chance to perform!

Either by accident or design, too many Healthcare providers commit these major mistakes with their communication efforts:

Far too many Doctors think that ANY communication is better than NO communication at all.  To those healthcare providers , I promise you; you are shooting yourself in the foot!  Here is what we are seeing:

  • They put no thought or care into the marketing or communication pieces they send out.

To make matters worse, these doctors seem surprised when no one reads their information or responds to their calls to action.

  • A vast number of medical practice owners approach their advertising campaign completely backward; they send out generic industry pieces.

There is no regard for what their clients want or need.  Afterward, they seem blindsided when no one intends to read those pieces.

  • Sadly, many doctors practice a “churn and burn” style and approach for their marketing campaigns.

For example, when they send out emails, they bombard their patients with non-specific clutter.   These dispassionate efforts lead to a “fatigued” list that no longer cares about the sender.  Eventually, if not corrected, that business stream dies down, along with all referrals.

By contrast, the most successful doctors in the country speak (both written and verbal) with authority.   Highly successful healthcare providers know what their patients want, then they deliver highly focused information.

Likewise, your messages must be as just as scientific.  Create for yourself a marketing machine, creating predictable and powerful results for your business over and over, year after year!

As stated above, we speak with many doctors, within many medical specialties .  They all want to improve quality and quantity of their practices.  Frankly, by the time they call on us, they’re not happy with their past results.

The Doctors we speak with have figured out that patients have many options at their disposal.  With very little effort, they can lose that patient to a competitor.

This is why the primary advantage of becoming a “resident expert” is that it creates a great divide between you and every other provider in town. As a result, you can begin expanding on a successful and predictable marketing platform.

Therefore, to learn real world strategies about building your brand, we invite you to discover our unique business branding techniques from our book titled “Power Positioning Secrets of the Top 1% Chiropractors.”  Again, strategies are proven and sound. We work and provide tactics for many doctors, in many specialties. The opportunity presented itself to write a Chiropractor specific book; however, we could easily have written a book for Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Child Psychologists, and so on (all of whom we work with regularly).

The aforementioned is a bit of a shameless plug, but if wish to learn how to create your Authority Brand in a step-by-step process, then please let us know.

To conclude, the right person should work hand-in-hand with you to develop your brand from the ground up.  The goal should always be either: to create or transform your marketing program.  Begin with the most basic, most used, and most often squandered touch point, your emails and advance from there..

All this can be challenging, especially if you have never considered these important tactics for patient retention.  Therefore, allow us to offer you this special offer:

In our two+ decades of experience helping medical professionals, we have been directly responsible for many highly successful brand marketing campaigns.  Also, we would like to extend to you or your selected staff members, our proprietary 15-minute Content Strategy Audit Session (i.e. covering your blog posts, social media campaigns, magazine articles, website content, patient newsletters etc.).

Take action today and participate in this unique gift of training by clicking on this contact us link.

We invite you to call us!

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