Tired of Your Ineffective & Expensive Promotional Efforts?

If you don’t know what to say or who you’re targeting, you’re shooting blind and your ads are in trouble.  This article teaches you   proven tips for producing better ads!


There isn’t much debate when it comes to business success; if you can’t communicate effectively your practice will suffer!  All of your promotional efforts provide you with exceptional opportunities to connect and impart your knowledge with your patients.  As you read on, you will learn proven strategies for producing better and more profitable ads!

Let’s face it, everyday medical practices close their doors and doctors must then practice their skills for a medical group that isn’t theirs, that has a different vision and a contrasting flow.  There are many reasons why this occurs, but clearly two of the biggest and most often sited are the lack of sufficient patients, and the practice’s inability to compete against rival doctors’ daily marketing to their existing patients!

Universally, every business school around the world will teach you that there are three primary components to business success. They are: increased traffic, convert prospects into patients, and retain those patients as long-term continual business opportunities.

A key element to these three components is that everything you say to them [patients] must draw them towards you.

If the content of your message is off your entire promotional strategy is in jeopardy. Further, you can’t possibly write compelling content if you don’t know what your patients want.

If your practice can’t communicate effectively, your patients’ willingness to stay with you is tested. Every day, with every ad, your competitors are attempting to woo your patients away from you. The only purpose of advertising is to attract more business. Where do you think that business comes from?

The best and most profitable business comes from people who already believe in your service!

Recently, author Dave Delaney, wrote a great article for The Tennessean (part of the USA Today network), that speaks directly to the specific needs of medical practices!

Mr. Delany writes that “…using a blog can drive a considerable amount of traffic to Producing better adsyour site, which can result in more revenue and a stronger bond with your patients and your business contacts (your venders) and their staff.”

Mr. Delaney’s statement goes right to the heart of understanding your patient’s wants and needs. An effective method for figuring out what each patient wants is to sort them by ailment. If you find that the majority of your patients see you for TMJ, plantar fasciitis, or breathing problems, etc. that is what you will write about in your blog.

One highly effective and profitable strategy involves creating a series of “touch points” on you website, blog, or newsletter.  For example, create a series of very specific and easy to follow daily health tips. If your dentist, you can include a series on what problems poor dental health may cause. Or, if your psychologist, you could provide a series called “the family diffuser blend” for better communication and harmony. If you work with a lot of athletes, create e-books providing very specific and detailed tips to prevent sports injuries like muscle pulls and strains. These tips would work magnificently when paired with your email marketing campaign.

Hence, your blogging plays a vital role in achieving the aforementioned necessities for increasing your clinic’s profitability through loyalty.

A study by Hubspot.com found 81% of companies consider their blogs “useful,” “important,” or “critical” to their business.

According to Business2community.com, 60% of your customers engage first with your content before anyone in your team. Content marketing is the foundation upon which your business operates. From the story told on your website, through learning materials, you’re producing content. Still, the majority of businesses neglect the importance that content plays in business success.

Strong content strategies empower your entire organization. From sales to human resources, great content has the ability to help with revenue generation, internal culture, external recruitment, and build positive sentiment not just with potential buyers, but anyone who comes across your brand.

Mr. Delany goes on to say that: “When I first connect with a new client, I conduct an extensive content marketing audit. One thing I often discover is a neglected company blog. There is nothing worse than a blog with the last post from months or even years ago. Excuses can vary from not having the resources or ideas, to not having the time to compose blog posts.

If you are tasked with blogging for your business or seeking ways to improve the company blog, here’s some advice to get you started. I reached out to several blogging experts to share their best tips for creating great business blog content.

1. “Quantity over quality. That doesn’t mean bad or unprofessional grammar. It means stop waiting for the perfect blog post. There is always something to write about: New hires, company culture, product details, upcoming events and conferences, executive team profiles … I could go on and on.” — John Ellis, @johnwellis.

2. “Spend more time writing the headline than the post itself.” — John Michael Morgan, @johnmorgan.

3. The “80/20 rule equals spend 20 percent of your time creating the content and 80 percent of your time distributing it.” — Bill Faeth, @bfaeth.

4. “Dig deeper into a topic. Don’t write the same My Topic 101 stuff as every other business blogger out there. Show yourself as the expert, not the person who skimmed a couple other blogs before writing your own article.” — Erik Deckers, @edeckers.

5. “Don’t get too chummy. Find a tone somewhere between formal and conversational.” — Angela Misri, @karmicangel.”

This article is very informative and a MUST read!  To read the article in its entirety, simply click on the 10 expert tips for business-blogging success.

As you can see, you are in the content creation business whether you like it or not. Thus, you need to define “success” as it relates to your content initiatives. For example, What do you want from your content marketing?  Is an increase of X number of leads in a short time, or a boost brand awareness, or an increase of web traffic considered successful?

To conclude, what you say will make all the difference in the world for your bottom line. Focusing your message on your current and past patients will make your return on investment (ROI) figures sing.

By far, your best pool of new and continuing business comes from your current and past patients. Numerous studies show that it is over 70% more profitable to continue to do business with current and past patients than other alternatives.

Additionally, it costs five times more to attract a new patient than to keep an existing one. Further, 89% of companies see customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention.

Finally, the probability of selling to an existing patient is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new patient is 5-20%. Existing patients are 50% more likely to try new products and services and spent 31% more, when compared to new patients. According to Harvard business school study, increasing customer retention by just 5% increases profits by 25-95%.

We understand that learning and applying these vital techniques for the growth of your practice takes time; and as a busy medical provider, you may not have that time to spare.

Rather than you having to figure out a plausible solution, we have the solution for you!

We have been directly responsible for many highly successful content marketing campaigns for several professional practices. As such, we would like to extend to you or your selected staff members, our proprietary Content Strategy Audit Session (i.e. your blog posts, social media campaigns, magazine articles, website content, patient newsletters etc.).

We are gifting a free 15 minute phone, or if your prefer Skype or Zoom, video conversation to help your practice to develop more and better patient traffic through superior content creation.

From that conversation, we will develop a working game-plan.

We invite you to learn how Steve and Claudio can help you immediately increase the success of your practice, give them a call at 916.750.6319.


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