Advertising Terms and Definitions

Advertising Terms
This section features key phrases and terms that will give the readER insight into marketing and advertising terms.

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Tabloid: A size of newspaper that is roughly half the size of a standard newspaper. A page size is normally 14″
high by 12″ wide.
Tachistoscope Testing: A method used in advertising and packaging recall tests. Used to measure a viewer’s recognition and perception of various elements within an ad by using the different lighting and exposure techniques of a Tachistoscope a device that projects an image at a fraction of a second.
Tag Line: A slogan or phrase that visually conveys the most important product attribute or benefit that the
advertiser wishes to convey. Generally, a theme to a campaign.
Target Audience: A specified audience or demographic group for which an advertising message is designed
Target Market: A group of individuals whom collectively, are intended recipients of an advertiser’s message.
Tear Sheets: A page cut from a magazine or newspaper that is sent to the advertiser as proof of the ad insertion.
Also used to check color reproduction of advertisements.
Teaser Campaign: An advertising campaign aimed at arousing interest and curiosity for a product.
Telemarketing: The use of the telephone as a medium to sell, promote, or solicit goods and services.
Theater Testing: A method used in testing the viewer responses of a large, randomly selected audience after being exposed to an ad.
Thumbnail: A rough, simple, often small sketch used to show the basic layout of an ad.
Time Compression: A technique used in broadcast production to delete time from television commercials.
Tracking Studies: A type of research study that follows the same group of subjects over an extended period of time.
Trade Advertising: Advertising designed to increase sales specifically for retailers and wholesalers.
Trade Character: People, characters, and animals that are used in advertising and are identified with the products, e.g. Jolly Green Giant and Tony the Tiger.
Trade Name: The name under which a company operates.
Trade Stimulants: Sales promotions directed toward retailers and distributors that are designed to motivate them both and increase sales.
Trademark: Icon, symbol, or brand name used to identify a specific manufacturer, product, or service.
Traffic Builder: A promotional tactic using direct mail. Designed to draw consumers to the mailer’s location.
Transit Advertising: Advertising that appears on public transportation or on waiting areas and bus stops.
Transparency: A positive, color photographic image on clear film.
Transparent Ink: Ink used in four color printing process that allows for colors underneath the ink to show through.
Trap: To combine different layers of colors in order to create various colors in the four color printing process.
Trim Size: A size of a magazine or newspaper page after trimming.
Turnover: The rate of audience change for a specific program during a specific amount of time. Back to Blog
Type Font: Refers to the complete alphabet for a specific typeface.
Typeface: A designed alphabet with consistent characteristics and attributes.
Typography: The designated setting of type for printing purposes.

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