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Helping doctors enhance their practices by attracting more traffic, transforming your practice into the “go-to” clinic so you can convert the curious into patients, and retaining your patients for years!


It’s been our life’s work to develop new, better, and considerably more efficient ways of attracting new business!

We subscribe to both the geographic and demographic fact that generally, patients will only drive so far to receive basic and maintenance medical care.  In other words, people prefer to stay relatively local.  As such, every business is limited by a finite number of possible patients.  Therefore, in order to stand out and prosper, you MUST give a more compelling message than every other DC in town!

Our firm finds and implements better solutions for our medical clients.  We teach you how to excel using our predictable, consistent, and dependable proprietary practice development principles.

We anticipate that you will find our strategies valuable, useful, and effective in dominating your marketplace!  Our techniques teach you things like,

  • “Legally confiscate your competitors biggest patients and prospective patients“, or
  • to become the “Resident expert and go-to medical professional” in your area,
  • Learn the strategies that “The top 1% most successful doctors are doing that you aren’t.”

To demonstrate our commitment to our audience, we gift you a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your specific concerns — we will develop solutions!  We want to help you; please send an email to our personal emails; just say I want my free consultation.

Plus, we are very accomplished storytellers; as such, we have been directly responsible for many highly successful content marketing campaigns for several  practices. These promotions include, but not limited to, their blog posts, social media campaigns, their reputation management campaigns, magazine articles, website content, patient newsletters etc.

Finally, editors, publishers, reporters, blog owners, we will gladly provide you with an interview or a professionally written article.  Further, we would be very happy to speak with you to discuss the biggest needs your readers have.  Perhaps together develop a plan to solve them.  Please feel free to reach out to contact us, or call my direct number: 530-492-9971.



Steve Cox and Claudio Gormaz

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One thought on “Contact Us”

  1. Hi Steve,
    It’s Suzanne, I met you yesterday. I enjoyed talking with you and looking forward to seeing you again… You said you would help me and I’m interested in hearing more.

    Please let me know when and where. If you would like we could meet here at my house in Lake of the Pines. My studio is here and I would be able to give you more of an idea of how much I have accomplished so far.

    Thank you,

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