Get All The New & Better Patients You Want, Without Advertising!

By the time that most doctors arrive at our doorstep, they’re frustrated!  They are tired of spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising without getting the results they were expecting.  Very often, the proper implementation of better strategies will allow you to get all the patients you want!


We write a lot and coach many doctors about capturing new and better patients; specifically, how to get all the patients you want — without advertising.

There is one specific truth that applies to every company on earth, from the independent business owner to General Motors:  They all face the tremendous pressure to consistently produce quality business opportunities!

We will teach you an extremely potent strategy used by some of Endorsement Marketingthe most successful companies and entrepreneurs in the country; yet, it is an under-utilized approach by smaller to medium-large sized companies.  I  am referring to a concept called Endorsement Marketing.

Would you like to consistently attract a steady stream of new patients without the traditional methods and expense of advertising?

We teach our clients how to develop Strategic Network Relationship Marketing (also known as Endorsement Marketing) tactics, and then those relationships will then create endorsement opportunities for you.

Our goal is to teach you how to make yourself and your practice valuable to other businesses so you can receive a steady stream of new and “better” patients through their endorsements (hence, endorsement marketing). In fact, the purpose of developing Strategic Networks is to enrich your patient platform through the stability of another firm.

There are many examples that show you how both medical practices and non-medical businesses alike have successfully utilized this powerful concept to make their businesses soar! If used properly, Strategic Networking may replace or eliminate many of the expenses and time you spend gathering patients. Therefore, you will be able to focus on the business of practicing medicine with the “best” available patients, all of whom are ready to buy your medical services.

The strategy of using an influential person’s clout, referrals, and—better yet—their full endorsements, has been around for millennia, but having a fully functional and easy to pass along system hasn’t been.


We developed our system after attending a colleague’s seminar.  My business partner and I have been in the medical practice development industry for decades. Like many of our colleagues in this industry, we make it a point to keep ourselves very informed on the various business enhancement programs available, so we often visit and attend our other colleagues’ seminars.  Many years ago I attended just such a business growth seminar. That’s when I got tremendous clarity regarding the use of strategic network marketing when I was present at a Jay Abraham Marketing Seminar. For those of you who may or may not know anything about Jay Abraham, he is:

One of the top business development consultants in the United States. He has consulted with and works with some of the world’s most successful businesses. During a question and answer session, Jay was asked by one of the seminar attendees this question: Out of all the various business and marketing strategies you have used, if you could only pick one strategy for the rest of your business career, which would it be?

Without hesitation, Jay said Endorsement Marketing. Jay went on to explain that the only reason all 205 of the attendees were in that specific seminar was that Tony Robbins endorsed him to his entire list of clients, resulting in gross revenue splits of over one million dollars for a single weekend’s seminar. Yes, there are hard costs to be subtracted, but that’s still a lot of money for using some mailings and one endorsement letter to a highly responsive and targeted client list.

As stated previously, the strategy of garnering endorsements to build one’s business has been around, in one form or another, for thousands of years.  For example, the countless political endorsements provided by celebrities every election year or, Oprah endorsing Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz—or, for that matter, isn’t that the key to getting the quickest attention on one of the fastest growing professional networking sites, LinkedIn?  They have all reaped the benefits and power of endorsements!

Back on point: naturally we were intrigued to see how Jay may have improved upon this very successful formula.  Therefore, a day or so after seminar concluded, we contacted Mr. Abraham’s office to request a copy of what he had developed on the subject of endorsement marketing.  I was stunned when his office informed me that they had nothing formal written on the subject; no white page or special report, no literature, training manual or pamphlet, no CD, etc.

I realized in that conversation, that in a moment of sheer impromptu and “off-the-cuff” conversation Mr. Abraham had revealed the “secret ingredient” of his “secret sauce.” But, he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, duplicate his knowledge by teaching this strategy to anyone.

* You see, Mr. Abraham didn’t invent this long-established and highly effective business strategy—he couldn’t, he’s not old enough!  He also didn’t develop a game-plan.

The decision was instantaneous, and our mission was crystallized: we were going to create a structured system, and because of its user-friendliness, we would make it duplicable! 

Since these strategies have been around for so long, the concepts are taught internationally in business schools and discussed in many industry gatherings. There are endless articles online about the tactic, and fraternal organizations are built on these approaches.

We began searching for any and every bit of information we could find on the setting up of strategic endorsement marketing. There is a lot of good usable basic information, but we simply could not find anyone who had perfected a system for actually taking action and doing what was necessary to begin.  Thus began our emersion into our career as an endorsement marketing specialist and strategist.

We created and developed a complete tactical system which is easy to understand, pass on, implement, and duplicate.

We found that there was such hunger amongst business professionals, the response was overwhelming.  Doctors loved the topic and genuinely took away the feeling that they really could follow the system that as laid out for them and achieved desired results whenever they wanted.

Over the years we have found the strategy is very relevant, and the absolute need for generating referrals on a consistent basis remains a mystery for most medical practice owners (in fact, for most business owners).   Steve and I have executed many profitable endorsement marketing campaigns for various trade and professional practices, covering everything from a multi-million dollar graphic arts advertising agency to cosmetic surgeons and everything in between.

In the end, that is the takeaway—the actual power of the strategy is in its laser-like effectiveness. The results that can be achieved when using endorsement marketing in one’s own business are immense!

This single marketing technique can open up unimaginable doors.  Endorsement marketing utilizes the instrumental prowess of two professionals to harness the symbiosis from the interaction of two companies that, when combined, produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of their individual elements. It’s a coming together of two forces for the benefit both client bases.

Think about the clout that was created purely by befriending someone like Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Rockefeller, or Randolph Hearst.  It boggles the mind to think of all the possible combinations of influencers you could have met by associating with Henry Ford or Walt Disney, and so on.

To conclude, essentially, every Chiropractor is in the marketing business whether they want to realize it or not.  Even the best health care provider in their market will go broke without a steady stream of new patients.

Thus, endorsement marketing will transform your whole outlook on marketing.  We will teach you this ultimate use of marketing leverage for getting all the patients you want!  This then allows the medical practice owner to focus their attention on accessing all of the efforts, time and money that their new endorsement marketing partners have already spent acquiring their patients.

We will teach you how to find those companies that are providing non-competitive products or services successfully to your ideal client base.

Moreover, this business strategy provides a win-win scenario for both businesses.  Sadly, many businesses spent considerable amounts of time and money attracting clients only to neglect them after their first purchase. This “new” relationship allows you to mend those fences and re-contact previous patients, you will provide them a benefit, and it opens the doors to future business opportunities.

There is a good amount the learn, but don’t worry, we will gladly walk with you, step-by-step, through the strategies we developed.

The question is, “Are you where you thought you would be at this stage of your life?”  “Do you have a plan to change the trajectory of your medical practice?”  “Are you interested in getting all the patients you want?”



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