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We meet a lot of disenchanted professionals, who believe their advertising efforts didn’t go as well as they anticipated. As such, we challenge the status quo and traditional promotional theories. We challenge conventional thinking by empowering our clients, enhancing reputations, and creating long-lasting pools of knowledge. We just happened to be highly accomplished marketing strategists.  How may we help you?


Our experience has shown us that you cannot have a successful medical practice if you can’t explain what you do?  You can’t establish a solid reputation as an authoritative leader if you don’t communicate your core purpose.

Business attraction is generally performed in one of two ways. You can either manipulate your pricing through incentives, sales, rebates, and so on, or you can inspire.

Ultimately, the superior method which features longer shelf life is the latter. To stand out from your competitors and have long-term success you need to inspire.

You may not have given this much thought, but every day that you open for business, your competitors are actively and aggressively trying to confiscate your patients through their advertising campaigns, television and radio spots, flyers, coupons, and so on.

The million-dollar question is: What are you doing to keep that from happening? What are you doing that your competitors aren’t?

The information you provide to patients is crucial to the success of your clinic; if  communication is your Achilles’ heel, you may be in trouble.

You need to structure your practice’s message (in everything you produce, like your website, your blogs, newsletter, etc.) so that it features clear,  attractive,  interesting and compelling content.

Your practice is unique; it has its own voice, its own goals, its own challenges and opportunities. Your goal is to set your brand apart from the competition.  Briefly, you must also realize and embrace the fact that you are your brand, and your brand is you! Everything you do needs to positively impact the brand.

It only makes sense that you communicate your ideas, your ideals, your insights and the collective knowledge of your team, the wisdom and skills contained within the metaphorical four walls of your clinic — that’s what needs to be captured in your content marketing campaign!

But what were not talking about is laying out a laundry list of services you provide.  That method of delivering information not only doesn’t inspire, but it’s hugely ineffective.  People make psychological connections to things they can connect with and understand.  Further, we all tend to forget lists and bullet points; but if your audience can relate to it, they will remember a good story.

We tell your business story; we convert the complex into relatable narratives. Our goal is for you to develop fruitful and predictable promotional messages.  Thus, we elevate your brand and create your authority status.  In the process,  you become the “go-to” doctor in your area.

Our mission: Improve the quality of your patient communication through superior content told in an interesting, relevant and compelling way.

Business partners, Steve Cox and Claudio Gormaz, are accomplished marketing strategists and superb writers and storytellers who have successfully engineered many prosperous content marketing enterprises.

Steve Cox (writing and mentoring under the pen-name of Steven Von Loren)  is a business development specialist, author, and he has worked with some of the most prominent businesses, in over fifty-nine different industries, like law firms, publishing, and medical practices in the country for decades.

Claudio Gormaz is also a business development strategist and author.  His background includes both national and international advertising experience.  Like Steve, he too has worked with many industries such as the medical industry, real estate market, and legal markets.

Together they have over fifty years of market and advertising experience.  Their expertise has helped many, many practice owners to strengthen their practices, increase both the quantity and quality of their patient portfolios, capture market share, become authorities in their areas, and increase their free time.

Their entire mission has been to provide results for their clients with their promotional blueprint, so they can have predictable and dependable outcomes which lead to greater sales and market dominance.

How This Site is Structured:  Every business school in the country teaches this basic principle for expanding and growing one’s business:

You must increase your clinic’s traffic, convert the curious into actual patients, then you must retain your “best” patients for years to come. When you achieve this task, you will then be able to offer them more of your services more often.

We designed this site to achieve a plan stated above; we plan to increase your traffic, we will teach you how to transform prospects into patients, and patients into long-time disciples.  This site is also a teaching tool so that any doctor, or their marketing representative, could select various items that they wish to strengthen within their practice.  More importantly, none of this would be possible if we couldn’t tell your unique story effectively through your content.

You will notice that at the top menu bar, there are two options titled ‘Your Branding’ and ‘Practice Enhancement.’ Under each category, you will find a series of training modules written in easy-to-read and follow article formats. We provide this not as random blogs, but rather actual training on the very topics on which we train our clients.

Therefore, if your interest is to create better branding for your clinic, we provide step-by-step instruction on that topic. Likewise, if your interest is in writing a better advertising with profitable results, or creating a competitive advantage, or legally confiscating your biggest competitors best patients, we train you how to do that as well.”  Steve Cox

In fact, their proven business growth and development strategies have been published in over 59 business-to-business publications, trade journals, business-oriented magazines, like Entrepreneur Magazine, The Washington Post, MSN Business, Chiropractic Economics, Plastic Surgery News, just to name a few.

As stated at the onset, they are both respected and sought after authors.  They are the published authors of three books.  They include:  “Promotional Secrets Used by the Top 1% of the Country’s Most Successful Chiropractors” and “How To Get All The New Patients You Want without Spending Any Additional Money.”

They are also regular contributors of business enhancement articles for well over fifty regional publications.  In fact, they welcome the opportunity to share their time-tested strategies with your audience.

We MUST stress that nothing we are saying is meant to be boastful; but rather, to demonstrate that we can do the same thing for your medical practice.

As such, we will gladly coach you (and any member of your team) on any of these topics; and in so doing, we aim to develop and enhance your clinic’s presence. Ultimately, our goal is very singular; we only wish to make you as successful as possible!

Additionally, you don’t have to believe these claims! Simply review what our clients have to say about us and what our readers write about us; once convinced, then contact us.

Attention editors, reporters, blog owners, “We will happily provide you with an interview. You can contact Steve directly at his personal email:, or contact me via his personal cell number: 530-492-9971.”


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