A Gift For You

We are unique in the world of marketing strategists. Not only have we been in the marketing trenches for nearly five decades, but we are also published authors. Our gift for you is the experience we gained and our talents we’ve shared with countless practices.


We have specifically taught doctors superior medical marketing strategies for over two decades. Our primary goal, in every situation, is to create a bridge that connects with and relates to what our clients (the doctors we work with) do best and what their patients want most.

What was just described is known as brand storytelling. We teach our clients how to become “the” local experts, write better and more profitable advertising campaigns, enhance their reputation campaigns, attract more patients, and so on.  However, we take pride in being able to communicate the complexities of gift for youwhat you do into relatable stories that your patients can relate to, embrace and pass on to others.

Our background, experience, and our success was established in national and international marketing and advertising. In 1996, we joined the ranks of published professional authors.  Since then, we have been featured in over 103 national and regional publications, we have written three books, and dozens of single-problem/single-solutions business enhancement and marketing “how-to” books.

In fact, we have been directly responsible for many highly successful marketing campaigns for several professional practices.

This is our gift to you. Listed below are our “best-of” series e-books covering subjects like Identifying and eliminating your most costly advertising
mistakes, legally confiscating your competitors’ best patients, attracting the “best” patients in your county, etc.

Everything is broken down into nine categories, such as: Better Ads, Branding, Buying Cycles, Content Marketing, Deep Patient Pools, Increase Traffic, Referrals, Social Media, and Video Marketing.

Simply scroll down list of options and select what you want to learn about; then let us know, we will gladly email the electronic file.



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