Our History

For over two decades, business colleagues Steve Cox and Claudio Gormaz have principally provided the medical, accounting, and attorney industry assistance and coaching (and along the way we have helped professionals in Steve Cox various other industries as well) on the development of medical practice enhancement strategies, such as:

  • Developing profitable networking ventures
  • Creating strategies for attracting vast numbers of new patients without advertising!
  • Employed techniques to develop our doctors’ public presence so as to create their status from “one of many in the area,” to the “must-use,” “go-to” health care provider in their region.
  • Implement strategies to make our doctors the Resident Experts in their field and geographic area.
  • Taught many of our clients how to strategically confiscate their biggest competitors best prospects and patients.
  • Teaching patients how to take advantage of Patient Business Cycles, etc.

As a result of their medical practice enhancement success, they have also contributed to and been published in, multiple business development publications serving professional markets.

As such, they have written numerous articles in several business-to-business publications.  To date, their expertise has been requested, published and featured in 103 different business publications.

They are also regular contributors to many chambers of commerce for their business retention programs, etc.

Steve and Claudio are always available to assist new clients with their advertising, marketing, and medical practice enhancement needs!  If you want to change the direction of your practice’s current reach; if you want to input time tested and proven strategies and systems to increase your business and market share, just contact us.

We will gladly set up a time to speak with you to arrange a free consultation!


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