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We are on an on-going quest to provide our audience with the best possible guidance!  Through our written voice and mentorship skills and experience so you can thrive, stand-out and dominate your marketplace!  More specifically, we teach you how to separate from the competition and become the “go-to” doctor, accountant or lawyer in your area.



Attorneys, Learn How To Ethically Confiscate Your Biggest Competitor’s Best Clients –

Companies large and small aspire to total market domination. The most effective way for small firms to flourish is to develop their leading expert status by establishing themselves within a carefully selected segment of a market; they target a market niche that they can realistically hope to dominate.

In a crowded marketplace, it may not be enough to merely carve out a niche. Attorneys, Learn How To Ethically Confiscate Your Biggest Competitor's Best ClientsYou’ve narrowed your focus, but you still have competitors; it’s time to distinguish yourself as a pre-eminent source of solutions by refining your expertise and conveying it to your target audience.

When you can honestly convey such a message, potential clients see you as the obvious answer to their problems and challenges, and the logical choice when they’re looking for a lawyer.

When was the last time your name appeared in print? Yesterday? Last week? A month ago? Even if you remember, that doesn’t mean a potential client will.

If you’re not visible to your potential clients, you cease to exist. If you haven’t done any marketing in months, you’ll miss getting clients because they forget about you, and instead of calling you, they call your competitor (whose name was in this morning’s paper).

Visibility is a cornerstone of every business strategy, and it begins by placing your core marketing message in front of as many of your target clients as possible, as often as possible.

What you’re about to learn from this book is how to legally and ethically steal your competitors “best” clients and prospects. These are skills all business owners can learn; and, the most successful implement them daily.

We are not promoting unethical or criminal activities! It comes down to applying superior advertising strategies; again, something all prosperous practice owners are continually doing and refining.

You’re going to learn high-caliber strategies for enhancing your brand and reputation; then, you will learn how to target only those people who have already purchased or are in the process of purchasing, services similar to yours. You will then be rewarding the competitions best clients for taking immediate action. Finally, you will learn to create an environment that fosters years of continual business.  (To read the entire book click here)


Accountants – How Many of These Costly Mistakes Are You Making With Your Advertising?

The sole purpose of advertising is to generate higher profits for your firm.

Your ad must be a salesman in print, video, audio, etc. Unless your ad compelsAccountants - How Many of These Costly Mistakes Are You Making With Your Advertising? prospects to pick up the phone and call you, or to come into your establishment, your promotional piece is impotent.

People who carefully read advertisements are ready to buy now; they just haven’t yet decided who to hire. You must convince them to choose you.

The purpose of this book is to teach you proven, time and field-tested strategies of how to create considerably more effective and lead generating ads.

Our mission is to provide you with tactics so that you will never again have to play advertising roulette with your promotional money!  (to read the entire book, simply click here)


How To Persuade Your Competitor’s Best Clients To Do Business With You Instead Of Them:  Accountants, learn how to grow your business via the deepest available client pools.

This book is written with a single and straightforward premise in mind; most business owners, at one point or another, will drop the ball (either real or perceived) and negatively impact their clients. Sadly, many times these are self’-inflicted wounds.

It doesn’t matter the reason(s) why competitors clients decide to leave their How To Persuade Your Competitor's Best Clients To Do Business With You Instead Of Thempractice. Moreover, it could be almost anything. Their clients may no longer feel a sense of connection they once enjoyed with your competitor. It could be that the client built a strong relationship with a key staff member that is no longer with the firm. It could be that they aren’t happy anymore with the level of service they receive, and so on.

Therefore, there many available clients that are wandering and lost (either psychologically or in fact). This book is the latest in our series of single-problem/single-solution marketing strategies playbook. This book teaches you how to strategically get your competitors best clients and gain “the” competitive advantage in the marketplace by fine-tuning your promotional messages.

Generally, traditional promotional campaigns take a shotgun approach and attempt to reach everyone; however, if you target the right audience, create gaps in your competitors’ clients loyalty, position yourself as the resident “go-to person,” you will rise from an also-ran to the dominant figure in your market. Enjoy!  (To read the entire book, simply click here)


How to Get All the New Patients You Want Without Spending Any Additional Money!

This “Single Problem, Single Solution” book (the first in a series) was created for those hard-working, yet frustrated chiropractors who dedicate themselves to excellence but who, due to varying circumstances, they are not where they saw themselves at this stage of their careers.

We teach doctors very specific proven and field-tested strategies on how to Get All The New Patients You Want...improve and build up their practices, their brands, and strengthen their status as trusted “go-to” healers because of their genuine concern for their patients.

You will learn things like How to build credibility & authority positioning. How to stand out from competition. How to attract a steady stream of referrals; and, how to Get more speaking opportunities

What makes us this book unique? We teach you very specialized practice enhancement tactics. Further, as dedicated coaches, we don’t just leave doctors to their own devices and uncertainties. We gladly help any doctor who needs our experience! If you wish, we will take you by the hand and walk side-by-side with you as we aid you in creating successful and duplicable strategies.


3 Ways to Build Your Business Immediately — Leave professional mediocrity behind

Business success doesn’t occur by accident! Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Michael Dell didn’t succeed on a whim. They consciously and intentionally pursued, explored, and diligently worked hard to attain the brass ring.

Therefore, so must you!

You took the time and effort to hire a real estate person, find office space, and joint venturessecure your loan. Then, you had that office space built out to your specifications. After that, you hired contractors to fill your new clinic with phone lines, computer equipment, and medical equipment. One can only presume that you intended to be as successful as possible.

You were diligent in your efforts to create a suitable location for your medical practice. You secured a beachhead for your enterprise. Now comes the moment of truth; the time when you must attack your prosperity intentionally!

In this spirit, your task is to raise your hand and to tell the world that you are open and ready for business! Additionally, your effort needs to cultivate your reputation, to stand out in your area, to become a local expert. In so doing, you can begin to develop your foothold on being considered the “go-to” doctor in town.

We know that this active pursuit of excellence is supposed to happen. It’s a shame though that far too many doctors don’t approach their business in this manner. There seems to be an attitude that merely by hanging their shingle over their door, patients will come!

Maybe it has to do with the amount of time that passes between a college business course and the actual practice of medicine. Perhaps, it is in this period from beginning one’s practice, to thinking about attracting more patients, the disconnect occurs. The fact is from the moment you opened your clinic; the competition was on!

Every business school in the country teaches that business success is a daily struggle for survival. Every day someone is going out of business. Likewise, every day someone is trying to build their business; however, in a crowded marketplace every time a clinic gains a new patient, someone else loses one!

Though you can make the argument that, as a physician, the world is your “patient oyster,” depending on geographic limitations, population density, availability, and opportunity, your pool is not nearly as large as you may believe.

Whether you are aware of this or not, every day your competitors are actively marketing to your patients — they do this through internet ads, radio spots, and brochures and flyers. If they’ve done a good job of incentivizing, they are doing everything they can to compel your patient to become their patient!

This book has a single purpose: to show you how you can keep your patients (both current and past) from jumping ship; and in the process, increasing your profits.

As we go along, you will also learn to attract more patients and increase your clinic’s traffic and earnings by exploring the strategic benefits of sales acceleration diagnostics, developing profitable systems, and promoting dynamic strategic alliances (to read this e-book in its entirety, just click here).


The Power Positioning Secrets Used by the Top 1% Most Successful Chiropractors in Country

This book was created for that hard-working chiropractor in mind; the one who dedicates themselves to excellence but isn’t where they saw themselves being at this stage of their careers.

We aim to teach you how the top 1% most successful doctors in the country Our Written Voiceattained success with their brand.

This book does not contain a series of graphs, diagrams, and unproven theories concocted from someone’s imagination which only works if the circumstances are ideal — like a greenhouse orchid.

Every one of these strategies and techniques has been implemented and field-tested by successful medical practice owners.  You are getting decades of experience and proven talent!

We will show you how:

* You can make tremendous gains by leveraging strength.

* How to mine for fortunes that lay hidden in other business relationships.

* How to get exponential results that come with endorsement partnering and all of the key influencers they know.

* Establish almost unbreakable trust, recognition, respect, and confidence in the markets you penetrate.

To get a free copy of our preview issue, just click here.




* To date, we’ve been published in over 103 regional and national publications. This is but a small sample of the magazine articles that we’ve written and had the honor of being featured.


In the February 2017 issue of the American Chiropractor Magazine, our latest in a series of “Single Problem/Single Solution” series of books is prominently featured in their Press Release and Recent Articles section of their website.

Get All the new patients...
To read the actual piece on The American Chiropractor, simply click on the photo.

This most recent publication features techniques and proven tactics for acquiring a bounty of new patients via endorsement marketing strategies. To date, very little has been written on the subject; more specifically, precious few lines have ever emplaced on paper to teach doctors how to systematically attract and engage non-competitive businesses in the creation of lucrative endorsements relationships.

Endorsement marketing has been implemented successfully or hundreds, if not thousands of years!  Though many “business gurus” espouse and regularly announce and enlighten their members about the tremendous financial benefits of these powerful business enhancement techniques.

Therefore, it’s all the more surprising that there is such little information or tactical step-by-step guidance provided to business owners. The essential components of an endorsement marketing strategy consists of unifying with another business that doesn’t compete with yours, in order for both businesses to benefit from the clients of the other.

Endorsement marketing over the centuries has literally changed the landscape of business in its time. Contained within the covers of this book, we will not only teach you in detail the key elements to create a successful endorsement relationship; we will if you desire, take you by the hand to help you attain the success you desire in order to get as many new patients as you want without spending additional money.


Accounting Today Magazine – Capitalize on client buying cycles

Learn how to identify where each current and future client lay within their buying cycle will dramatically increase your practice’s receivables.

According to Sales and Marketing Magazine, nearly 80% of all people who Capitalize on client buying cyclesinquire about accounting services take action within one year (emergencies notwithstanding). Interestingly enough, they seldom do business with the practice they initially contacted.

This means you are educating your prospects to do business with your competition.

Why does this occur? Often it’s because the contact person at the firm defaulted on their responsibility of influencing the prospect. They passively assumed that the prospect would remain loyal to their practice instead of doing everything possible to make sure they actively influenced these clients to do business with them.

The problem gets compounded further by the fact that, many times as busy professionals we do ourselves a great disservice by wanting to believe (and acting upon said belief) that all prospective clients are equal.

Many staff members at the firm erroneously believe that they are all deserving of your full attention, time, resources and expertise. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Actually, thinking that all prospective share the same qualities, interests, assets, and timelines can have disastrous effects on both your incomes and our careers! The sooner you qualify current, past, and prospective clients and take action accordingly, the better off you will be.

Now that you know what criteria is necessary to increase your sales rates, you need to know how to fine-tune the information you gather so that it is transformed from simple raw data into a profitable client pool of knowledge. (To read the entire article, click here)


We are in this month’s Chiropractic Economics Magazine.

In this issue, we were asked to write on the topic of your practice’s Marketing Matters especially when we discuss Quality Assurance.

The most successful Chiropractors know that their prosperity is linked directly to understanding their patients. They’re keenly aware that every patient’s life situation is unique, and grasping this allows them to provide effective
services.  chiro-eco

Sadly, many busy doctors do themselves a great disservice by believing all
patients are created equal and share the same qualities, interests, assets, and
timelines. And believing that can have disastrous effects on your practice.
It is essential to set up a system that allows you to know about the events
occurring in your patients’ lives (beyond birthdays and situations that
brought them to you initially).

For example:

  • Are they married?
  • Are they expecting children?
  • Do they have children?
  • Are they athletes?
  • Are they health conscious?
  • Do they belong to particular social groups?

Additionally, all communication with your patients is advertising and
marketing. While expressing genuine concern regarding your patients is…  To read the entire article, click on Quality Assurance (page 41).


Steal your Competitors’ Clients –

To succeed in your practice, you must develop better marketing strategies so as to legally steal your biggest competitor’s best patients!

The idea of stealing may seem rather provocative as business developmentSteal your Competitors' Clients strategy plans go. Rest assured; we are not speaking about doing anything that is improper or felonious! However, if you want more patients, read on and learn why it makes sense to legally steal your biggest competitor’s best patients.

For the record, we’re discussing something that occurs on any given day, in any number of businesses throughout the country. Every day, at least one company is trying to get more clients/patients. That means they are calling, emailing, sending 4-color brochures, or knocking on the door of new prospects.

Question: Where do you think these clients come from?

An obvious example of what we’re discussing lays within fast food industry. Companies like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and Burger King find themselves in never-ending battle for market share. This means that they actively compete against one another for their customer’s stomachs and buying power.  (To read the entire  article, click here)




* We also provide our clients, which often includes associations, special reports for their clients, salesforce, and/or members.

For example, since we are in the business of teaching our clients “how to get more business,” many times associations have asked us to provide their members with this series of business enhancing special reports.


Building a Powerful Accounting Practice –

In a crowded marketplace, where your potential clients have lots of choices, you can stand out by being the leading expert. Note, this is the exact opposite Building a powerful accounting practiceof mass marketing. It’s not being all things to all people, but being a mini-celebrity to the right people. It’s about targeting your market and developing a reputation as a fantastic resource – – – trustworthy, knowledgeable, and close at hand. Your goal is to become the lord of a small, profitable domain of your choosing. Within that domain, you will attract more clients including those you want most.

Naturally, such results require thoughtful and consistent efforts. These efforts will take many different forms, but underlying and guiding them are six vital and crucial principles:

  • Targeting the best prospects
  • Developing unique market niches
  • Positioning your business as the best solution
  • Maintaining your visibility
  • Enhancing your credibility
  • Establishing your brand and reputation

Working on these strategies is your recipe for getting out of the anonymity trap, creating you as the leading expert, and building a successful practice. (To read the entire special report, click here)


BECOMING THE RESIDENT EXPERT … And transform your reputation into the “go-to” doctor in town!

This piece is designed to show you how to expand your marketing reach by establishing yourself, and your practice, as a regional expert in the medical field. The mission is to create a platform after which you will be the only logical choice for a patient’s healthcare needs.

I contend that no one goes into business to be mediocre or to barely get by; it RESIDENT EXPERT just isn’t part of the entrepreneurial spirit. Therefore, if you took the time to secure a business loan, promote your medical practice, lease a location and set up shop, you that is a sign that you are probably extremely motivated to excel.

What you will learn in this piece is how to compete to win.

If you are of the mindset that you do not wish to enter into any type of competition, I completely understand your position. However, this is not book for you! I respectfully urge you to read many of our other business enhancement publications.

Back to the original point; business success is not like the new versions of T-ball; you know, where no one keeps score, everybody wins, so no one’s feelings get hurt. No; business is a daily race for survival, and the consequences for poor performance are dire.

If your clinic does not attain a steady stream of new patients, your practice will eventually die. So, let’s get started.   (To read the entire special report, click here)


The Lifetime Value of Your Client/Patient –

Whomever owns the business must focus on solvency to keep the doors open. This piece focuses on and teaches you to increase your profits and the success of your practice.

Annually firms invest countless amounts of staff- hours and resources to The Lifetime Value of Your Client/Patientacquire new clients/patients. Meetings are conducted, budgets are projected and set, and personnel are assembled. We strategize, scrutinize and improvise ways in which to attract our next big patient or client — all to increase your profits.

Very often, the most significant question asked at these annual budget meetings is “Do we spend 30% of our advertising dollars on print or social media this year (as opposed to 25% from last year)?”

Too often, very little goes into the strategy of keeping those hard-won patients and clients. Ideally, you also want to keep them over the course of several years. Many practice owners naturally assume that they [existing clients/patients] will stay around for a number of years.

Actually, there’s a huge difference between repeat business and loyalty. Repeat business means that I’m [as the patient or client]willing to do business with you again, and again, and again. Loyalty means your clientele is willing to overlook others, turn down a better service, at a better price, or even inconvenience. Consumers will do all that just to do business with you.  (To read the entire special report, click here)


Will Advertising Strategies — Market domination through proven branding strategies

Your brand represents the sum of people’s perception of your practice’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and you. When all of these parts of the business are working well together, the overall brand tends to be healthy.

Branding creates trust. Just as people are more likely to purchase from a branding strategiesbusiness that appears polished and legitimate, families need to feel comfortable before committing to a child healthcare program, for example.

Another essential element for creating that “trust” factor begins with an enriched website with robust content that answers the questions and concerns parents have. To establish credibility, the site must feature in-depth and relatable bios of your clinic’s staff, a list of certifications, and answers to common patient questions.

Additionally, branding supports your advertising and promotional efforts. You must also carefully consider the media chosen and demographically targeted for your promotional campaigns; as these factors will help build your brand.

A strong brand goes a long way to guarantee future business — the higher your practice’s devotion to building its brand value, the better the financial return from its efforts. A unified, consistent brand means you are well-positioned for any future expansion.

An often overlooked benefit of branding is that it inspires employees. Many employees need more than just a place to work; they need something to work toward. When employees understand the mission of the business and its reason for being, they’re more likely to feel that same pride and work in the same direction to achieve the goals the practice owner has set.

In this issue, we cover highly effective techniques for using your branding to dominate your geographical area. Plus, you will learn valuable secrets for creating successful branding campaigns (to read this entire special report, just click here).


Business Growth — Trusted advisor referrals drive the best business!

Year after year, the million dollar question for every business is how do we get more referrals? I mean, we see our competitors getting more patients this way; but, how do we achieve the same?

Is it the people were asking; should we be focusing our efforts on influencers referralsrather than every patient we see (in other words, do we focus on quality over quantity)?

Whether we’re focusing on every patient we see or influencers, the first step is to communicate with our sources to let them know that we are open to receiving referrals and what we’re looking for from new, future patient. Unfortunately, sometimes this kind of direct request is difficult for doctors, and you may find you’re more comfortable using comment cards, surveys or other forms of written communication with your patients to get referral names, for instance.

As we just mentioned, if you focus on influencers (a fantastic source being those professionals you work with every day), your marketing to them must be as important as the campaigns you use to reach your prospective patients. That’s why it’s essential to set up a program that includes a combination of business contacts and marketing tactics to keep referrals coming in year-round.

All referral relationships are based on trust; it’s critical to get to know your influencer’s and patients’ key concerns. Once you identify those essential points, you need to speak to those topics to deepen your current relationships. It’s important to nurture and maintain these relationships via targeted promotional campaigns.

The key is not to have to rely on luck to win the business for your practice’s needs.

In this report, you will learn five tactics for radically improving your return on investment in your current referral marketing. Also, you’ll also learn the seven dangerous habits that kill your business-to-patients and business-to-business referral prospects (to read this entire special report, just click here).

We will help you