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We are on an on-going quest to provide our audience with the best possible guidance!  Through our written voice and mentorship skills and experience so you can thrive, stand-out and dominate your marketplace!  More specifically, we teach you how to separate from the competition and become the “go-to” doctor in your area.


How to Get All the New Patients You Want Without Spending Any Additional Money!

This “Single Problem, Single Solution” book (the first in a series) was created for those hard-working, yet frustrated chiropractors who dedicate themselves to excellence but who, due to varying circumstances, they are not where they saw themselves at this stage of their careers.

We teach doctors very specific proven and field-tested strategies on how to Get All The New Patients You Want...improve and build up their practices, their brands, and strengthen their status as trusted “go-to” healers because of their genuine concern for their patients.

You will learn things like How to build credibility & authority positioning. How to stand out from competition. How to attract a steady stream of referrals; and, how to Get more speaking opportunities

What makes us this book unique? We teach you very specialized practice enhancement tactics. Further, as dedicated coaches, we don’t just leave doctors to their own devices and uncertainties. We gladly help any doctor who needs our experience! If you wish, we will take you by the hand and walk side-by-side with you as we aid you in creating successful and duplicable strategies.


The Power Positioning Secrets Used by the Top 1% Most Successful Chiropractors in Country

This book was created for that hard-working chiropractor in mind; the one who dedicates themselves to excellence but isn’t where they saw themselves being at this stage of their careers.

We aim to teach you how the top 1% most successful doctors in the country Our Written Voiceattained success with their brand.

This book does not contain a series of graphs, diagrams, and unproven theories concocted from someone’s imagination which only works if the circumstances are ideal — like a greenhouse orchid.

Every one of these strategies and techniques has been implemented and field-tested by successful medical practice owners.  You are getting decades of experience and proven talent!

We will show you how:

* You can make tremendous gains by leveraging strength.

* How to mine for fortunes that lay hidden in other business relationships.

* How to get exponential results that come with endorsement partnering and all of the key influencers they know.

* Establish almost unbreakable trust, recognition, respect, and confidence in the markets you penetrate.

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In the February 2017 issue of the American Chiropractor Magazine, our latest in a series of “Single Problem/Single Solution” series of books is prominently featured in their Press Release and Recent Articles section of their website.

Get All the new patients...
To read the actual piece on The American Chiropractor, simply click on the photo.

This most recent publication features techniques and proven tactics for acquiring a bounty of new patients via endorsement marketing strategies. To date, very little has been written on the subject; more specifically, precious few lines have ever emplaced on paper to teach doctors how to systematically attract and engage non-competitive businesses in the creation of lucrative endorsements relationships.

Endorsement marketing has been implemented successfully or hundreds, if not thousands of years!  Though many “business gurus” espouse and regularly announce and enlighten their members about the tremendous financial benefits of these powerful business enhancement techniques.

Therefore, it’s all the more surprising that there is such little information or tactical step-by-step guidance provided to business owners. The essential components of an endorsement marketing strategy consists of unifying with another business that doesn’t compete with yours, in order for both businesses to benefit from the clients of the other.

Endorsement marketing over the centuries has literally changed the landscape of business in its time. Contained within the covers of this book, we will not only teach you in detail the key elements to create a successful endorsement relationship; we will if you desire, take you by the hand to help you attain the success you desire in order to get as many new patients as you want without spending additional money.


We are in this month’s Chiropractic Economics Magazine.

In this issue, we were asked to write on the topic of your practice’s Marketing Matters especially when we discuss Quality Assurance.

The most successful Chiropractors know that their prosperity is linked directly to understanding their patients. They’re keenly aware that every patient’s life situation is unique, and grasping this allows them to provide effective
services.  chiro-eco

Sadly, many busy doctors do themselves a great disservice by believing all
patients are created equal and share the same qualities, interests, assets, and
timelines. And believing that can have disastrous effects on your practice.
It is essential to set up a system that allows you to know about the events
occurring in your patients’ lives (beyond birthdays and situations that
brought them to you initially).

For example:

  • Are they married?
  • Are they expecting children?
  • Do they have children?
  • Are they athletes?
  • Are they health conscious?
  • Do they belong to particular social groups?

Additionally, all communication with your patients is advertising and
marketing. While expressing genuine concern regarding your patients is…  To read the entire article, click on Quality Assurance (page 41).


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